My 1925 Hudson Biddle and Smart 7 passenger sedan.

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Parts I am looking for.
Front seat, bottom seat cushion or just the springs.
Windshield Visor parts (side end pieces)

Axle bumpers. Axle bumper Axle bumper
All 6 side glass window channel bottoms.

I want a set of running board cans. Click here for a page full of them.

Super-Six Plane Hood Ornament Looking for the Super Six Tri-Motor Airplane radiator cap ornament. Click here for pictures and other MotoMeter items.

Click here to see how I rebuilt the Trico Wiper motor.

Click here to see what I have learned about Stoverlite tail lights.

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Finally some new pictures, 2013
1925 Hudson Driver Side Tool Box

DCP05869.JPG DCP05840.JPG DCP05855.JPG DCP05846.JPG DCP05851.JPG DCP05854.JPG
DCP05858.JPG DCP05859.JPG DCP05865.JPG DCP05866.JPG DCP05867.JPG DCP05868.JPG
DCP05843.JPG DCP05848.JPG DCP05856.JPG DCP05861.JPG

The day of the move from its 15 year resting place.
PIC00055.JPG PIC00056.JPG PIC00057.JPG

It's home. June 2007.
1925 Hudson 7 Passenger 1925 Hudson 7 Passenger

I have 2 of these steel wheels in my for sale area.

Similar Hudson's of the Era.
hudson25-01b.jpg 25hudSuper6_4dr6cylNr630458_Bay.jpg 25limo.jpg 25limo1.jpg 2b_3.JPG
2c_3.JPG 36_3.JPG 8e_3.JPG a1_3.JPG a7_3.JPG c5_3.JPG
02_3.JPG 10_3.JPG 1910_20-20Hudson20Factory.jpg 23-7.JPG (82961 bytes) 1925Coach.jpeg 1925Hudson.jpg
1925HudsonBrougham.JPG 1925HudsonSedan.JPG 1925HudsonSpecial.JPG 23-1.JPG 23-2.JPG 23-8.JPG
23-3.JPG 23-4.JPG 23-6.JPG 25hudson16412-A.jpg USA_MT_GI2_1910's-20's.jpg 2512.jpg

Tools and other items of the time for the Super Six
Hudson Wrench Hudson Wrench
Hudson Wrench Hudson Wrench Set

Tappet Wrench
Hudson Tappet Wrench

Rear Axle Spanner
Hudson Rear Axle Spanner Wrench Hudson Rear Axle Spanner Wrench Hudson Rear Axle Spanner Wrench

Weed Chain-Jack. I did get one of these from eBay.
WeedJack1.JPG WeedJack2.JPG WeedJack4.JPG

Had a friend give me an AC Spark Plug Tester. Used it to clean and test the plugs that were in the engine for the 1925.
PlugTester217.JPG PlugTester218.JPG PlugTester220.JPG PlugTester219.JPG

Hudson dealer posters.
Poster Hudson Antifreeze Poster Hudson Break Adjustment Poster Hudson Champion Spark Plug Poster Hudson Exhaust Sytem Check Poster Hudson Fall Tune-up Poster Hudson Fram Filter Poster Hudson Merry Christmas Poster Hudson Muffler Replace Poster Hudson National Battery Poster Hudson Safety Check Poster Hudson Wheel Alignment

Page 2 of more pictures and 1925 Super Six information.
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