What I have learned about the 4 lens Stoverlite
by Paul A. Stover, Stover Signal Engineering, originally in Cleveland, Ohio, then moved to Racine, Wisconsin.

This after market brand of light came on my 1925 Hudson Super Six.

It was hard to find parts for. I decided, this is really cool so I set out to find parts for repair.
I found this nice one on eBay. It had an Essex badge glass on it.
The other two, not so nice. One was on the car, the other a swap meet item.

These are comparison pictures. All three are different in small ways on the back mounts and the inside screws which hold the bulbs.

The nice Essex one only has 2 studs out the back.

The one that came on the car has a fender mount license bracket.

This one has the license bracket and what looks like a stud mount clamp all part of the Stoverlite.
The previous picture has this same carriage bolt mount on the back, but looks like it has a factory finish where this bracket was removed.
See close-up next picture.
The carriage bolts are 10-24 x 3/4 inch.

These pictures will show the paint scheme on the inside. Notice the silver paint brush lines.

This is the center and bottom lens holder, it just slips out of the housing.
It is Silver toward the top lens and the rest is black. The silver was brushed on.

This was my attempt to paint the interior of the light which was on the car.

License lens.
This is how I made a replacement from Plexiglas

I cut a piece of plexi the same size.

In the toaster oven on top of the original glass one 270 to 300 degrees.

There is a gasket.

Top Stop lens. The letters are recessed (looks like sand blasted) into the glass.

The lower tail light lens. No manufacture name or code on the right one (from my car).
The left one is cast Jefferson. I am quite sure this is original. You will see why by the bulbs that were in this, later down this page.

This is the center glass which has a decal on the inside. I beleave you could get any cars name on this.
It is 1/4 inch in thickness, so is the Stop lens.

Picture of the decal attached to the center glass.

Front bezel.

One really cool thing is the bulbs that were in the Essex light. I am guessing it is an original bulb.
See the tip on top of the glass, this is how they were made back in the 20's, originally blown glass.

It is starting to take shape after polishing out the face plate and new black paint

Patent Number: 1629231
Filing Date: Apr 04, 1923
Issue Date: May 17, 1927
Original Patent page.

Radiator cap ornament.

Patent 1551273 Stop Signal Lamp.

Google Book Search for Stover Signal Engineering:

Pegasus radiator cap commissioned by Stover Signal Engineering 1926.

A seductive radiator cap ornament assigned to the Stover Signal Engineering Company of Racine, Wisconsin. 1926. Invented by Emory P. Seidel.

Arrow-Lite signal

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