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1925 Hudson Biddle and Smart 7 Passenger.

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I must really like this simple dash, I have tons of pictures.
As you can see there are two different dashes in pictures below.
One is out of my older serial numbered parts car.
IMG_0352.JPG (212861 bytes) IMG_0353.JPG (183243 bytes) DCP06550.JPG (112735 bytes) DCP06551.JPG (85952 bytes) DCP06552.JPG (107471 bytes) DCP06553.JPG (101398 bytes)

Rebuilding the amp meter. I was asked what the logo says.
Across the top Nation Gauge and EQPT Co, on the bottom, Lacross WIS. There is an Indian Head in the center.
The casing is staked into holes in the gauge body. I drilled out the stakes then pried the housing away from the body.
Then centered the pointer. Cleaned the face, glass, re-assembled and used epoxy to fill the drilled out stakings.
DCP06557.JPG (62669 bytes) DCP06559.JPG (76904 bytes) DCP06556.JPG (69170 bytes) DCP06555.JPG (63143 bytes)

Oil Gauge is next. The logo across the top says, Northern Engraving, bottom: Lacross WIS, has a hatchet in the center.

Ignition and light switch.
DCP06790.JPG (111470 bytes) DCP06791.JPG (114048 bytes) DCP06793.JPG (133001 bytes) DCP06795.JPG (132220 bytes) DCP06796.JPG (101042 bytes) DCP06797.JPG (134698 bytes) DCP06798.JPG (118869 bytes)
DCP06789.JPG (175095 bytes) DCP06788.JPG (160404 bytes)

This switch is from the parts car and has different levers. As you can see they go all the way through to the 'cardboard'.
This is where they seize up and then break off. See the broken shafts in the plate.

***  Cowl Vent  ***

Cowl Vent and adjuster. There are 2 different styles. The mount was either cast or stamped.

***  Floors  ***

Floor Board. Made up a new set for the front.

Back seat area. Getting ready to remove fuel tank and make new splash pan.

Back floor almost done. I do not have the rear bottom seat spring, (see my want list), so I need to know how the bottom board for the seat spring looks,
and what it sits on, the front pins obviously, but the back blocks make it sit at a down hill angle.

Interior shots so I can put it back together, after I tear apart. I try to make interiors as original as possible.

***  Doors  ***


Building panels for front doors.

Door Handles and lock
IMG_0534.JPG (44579 bytes) 25 Hudson Door Lock 25 Hudson Door Lock



***  Windshield  ***

Rebuilding the Trico Wiper Motor.
The windshield hinge is covered by material. I found some black nylon semi water proof at Joann's fabric.
I bought the final 7 yards on the sale rack for the rest of the interior.
25windshield-hinge3.JPG 25windshield-hinge4.JPG 25windshield-hinge5.JPG 25windshield-hinge6.JPG 25windshield-hinge7.JPG 25windshield-hinge8.JPG 25windshield-hinge1.JPG 25windshield-hinge2.JPG

Pictures of finished back seat pictures, I hope it looks this good.
25BackJumpSeat.jpg (38674 bytes) 25 Hudson Interior Back Seat

***  Body Work  ***

Firewall and frame rail before.
25 Hudson Firewall 25 Hudson RF Frame Rail

Left rear fender well. Trying out the original blue color
Left Rear Fender Well.jpg Left Rear Fender Well.jpg

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