Parts that I am looking for:

Banjo steering wheel horn button spring.

Front fender top lamps.37 Hudson Fender LampHudson Fender Lamp37 Hudson Fender Lamp

Horns, external Under headlamps with brackets.

Original Driver and Passenger hinge mount outside mirrors.

Original Battery Hold Down and Battery Outside Box Cover.

Rear Shade Curtin.

Rear Spring Stabilizer Kit. From the Service Manual, Section 17.

Swinging stop lamp. (wig wag)

Wing window brackets (Hudson called them draft deflectors).
Below are the mounts on the door. I need another set of these and the glass brackets.

DCP05401.JPG (147802 bytes)DCP05437.JPG (78628 bytes)DCP05438.JPG (91246 bytes)DCP05439.JPG (75572 bytes)DCP05440.JPG (55772 bytes)

I read somewhere that 37 was the last year to get a rear of car fold down luggage (trunk) rack.
I would like to know what the mount brackets look like. (pictures?)


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