Made it all the way to Portland Oregon and back and she decides to puke only 5 miles out of town.

My other Toy is a 27 T coupe Street Rod.

Got the tin off and ready to do surgery.

Had to take a picture of my lights.

It"s out of the car and on the hoist. this picture is so I can see how it goes back together.

OOPs, Model T in the background. That's a small block Chevy below the air cleaner.

This is Number 1 piston. I drove all the way to Portland Oregon and back this way. We were lucky to say the least.

This is why I didn't make it home, rod number 1 that is lead you see.

I have been tearing down 2 other engines that I bought, one is a pre  37 and the other is a 37 or later.


I did buy an air conditioner for the trip to Reno in July 2005.

This is a before picture of the firewall work I need to do.

DCP04646.JPG (91858 bytes)  DCP04687.JPG (95638 bytes)

Did I learn something here. First (picture to left) they look like the same valve cover.
Second picture (click to enlarge). You can see that they are different size.
36 and older on the left. 37 and later on the right.

DCP04621.JPG (80067 bytes)  DCP04622.JPG (78008 bytes)  DCP04623.JPG (71247 bytes)  DCP04624.JPG (71944 bytes)

I am going to use an automatic heat riser. You can see the hole in the other side of the manifold for the butterfly shaft.

DCP04630.JPG (83956 bytes)  DCP04631.JPG (74557 bytes)

I got a new, yes NEW, tail light complete assembly from eBay. It even had an original bulb in it.
This is how I installed it.

DCP04642.JPG (108149 bytes)  DCP04641.JPG (99292 bytes)  DCP04640.JPG (70104 bytes)

Fresh firewall. The heater now in the factory mount holes. All butchered holes patched.

DCP04691.JPG (84564 bytes)  DCP04690.JPG (90387 bytes)

Shots of the Unity Spot Light.

 DCP04339.JPG (95590 bytes)  DCP04340.JPG (89822 bytes)  DCP04341.JPG (81923 bytes)  DCP04664.JPG (81688 bytes)  DCP04665.JPG (85502 bytes)


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